3.  What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the music channel research I did and whilst thinking about the genre of music that concrete disco play, we came up with a list of    appropriate music channels in which we wanted our video to preview on these are; MTV dance, VIVA, DanceNation, Clubland TV and KISS. Of all which are appropriate viewing ages for the audience we were attracting, over the age of 16. We also used a program called find your tribe to see who the appropriate viewing audience would be and that we were going in the right direction.
Before making our own video we looked at videos of other artists in the same genre to see if our demographics were correct, we also used an animatic version of our video so we were able to use this to give an example of what our video would look like. We had 2 versions both with different storylines fitting the genre, and showed it to people within our target audience so they were able to choose which they thought looked better and what fit with our band and the look we were trying to achieve. We wanted to see what the preference of our target audience were because they are the ones who would be watching it, they all thought the idea of the video we originally used fitted best because of the fast paced editing.
From our research we discovered that we were looking at a younger target audience and that older generations would show no interest in listening to this type of music and watching our video. We designed our own fiction target audience of what we thought they would look like and then prepared a questionnaire in which we spoke with people aged 16-18, with the questionnaire we actually used 2 because we didnt feel we received enough information from the first set of results. From the results we established that our audience had agreed with the age in which we had chosen for our music and genre and felt that our own video fit the connotations of a video in the same genre as it has the fast paced editing, with the appropriate kind of characters that fit well too. The audience also fed back their comments on the DigiPak and whether they thought that it worked well and fit with the rest of the media productions we had made, and this was the case people commented on how they liked the look of the Andy Warhol theme throughout and how the colours worked well to fit the bands name. So we found that this was all productive research.
We spoke to the band previously in our research to discover who they thought their target audience was and what sort of people came to watch them at gigs, this was helpful as it was firsthand information that was correct. Once we had completed our tasks we also sent these to the band to get their feedback and see what they thought and if there were any improvements that they thought we could make.

Link to wix production: http://www.wix.com/laura_carrol2/lauracarroll#!




I completed a wix webiste to show my media evaluation.


This is my wix site that I created to present a visual presentation of my media evaluation.

Concrete Disco – Play For Your Life

This is our Music video created by Anthony Szymaniak and Ciaran Walsh using Apple Final cut pro express.

Wix evaluation website

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I created this website using Wix. I created a website to present my evalution

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and education stages?

During the production of our video we used I-macs because it enabled us to use software and programmes that are not available on other computers. Because of this one of the programmes we were then able to use was final cut pro express this programme allowed us to edit and capture all of the footage. We used it in the planning stage to practice certain ideas first before the real thing; it enables us to add effects, such as reversing and editing speed. This also meant that we are able to edit the colour of the footage, because it is user friendly and easy to use.  Whilst using this we also used power point and Microsoft word at different stages of our project for evaluating and analysing texts. And photo shop to put together the digipak this meant we were able to change the colours and textures of each picture to keep the continuity of the Andy Warhol grey theme throughout our whole production as the colours reflected the bands name concrete disco therefor linking everything together.
During the filming we used the camera (Nikon D40) in which we needed to get the focus correct, aswell as the white balance. Along with the camera we used a tripod to enable to catch certain shots we wouldnt be able to holding the camera, for example in the narrative part of our filming we balanced the camera tripod on top of a wall so we could get a shot in birds eye view from above to see what was going on from a higher perspective. We were also able to use the tripod to capture normal shots such as panning and framing shots. Although the batterys didnt last that long on the cannon camera which meant that we had to go back to school to charge the battery and were hanging around until we could film again this then meant that our actors were hanging around too and was very time consuming.
As well as using the cameras to film we used a digital camera in the production of our video to capture images to use in stop motion whilst the band set up we used a camera on a tripod and continuously took pictures, this meant that at the beginning of the film we were able to use them to give a more effective but different aspect to the film.
In addition to using the apple final cut pro express, and photo shop we used other applications such as microsoft, powerpoint, wordle, internet  myspace, and wordpress. Having access to these helped us to design our digi pak before we made it, we used myspace in the very beginning of the project to research the band and were then able to see what they were like, listen to the song and begin to come up with a narrative.

Link to wix production: http://www.wix.com/laura_carrol2/lauracarroll#!

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions?

Our task was to plan and make a music video following the conventions in which they are usually structured, this includes; the camera shots, mise-en-scene, the way in which it is edited, lighting, sound, props, etc.  Whilst conforming to these conventions we also tried to incorporate the conventions specifically used in the genre of music these include fast pacing of editing, in a darker scenario whilst trying to portray the personalities of the characters or artists involved.


Whilst planning what to do with our own music videos we researched videos of a similar genre to see what we enjoyed and how they were made successfully, one in particular that influenced our groups ideas was chase and status ft plan b – end credits, this too incorporates the mix of both narrative and performance which is what we wanted to do. The music video end credit’s has a lot of face pace editing and quick cuts which was what we were hoping to achieve in our own video. We were also able to analyse their choice of shots seeing if there were any different ones we too could introduce into our own video. The videos fact cut and mix between narrative and performance almost have disorientated and ddelusional characteristics which I feel are portrayed in our own video.


Because we wanted to use narrative and performance encourparated we need to use represenation correctly, a chase scene has been used in other influencing music videos with artist of a same genre, such as chase and status end credits and dizzee rascal sirens. Within our own music video we tried to follow the connetations and sterotypes that surround the youth, we used very exaggerated ‘chav’ and ‘geek’ looks within our characters. When it came to us personally filming the band ‘concrete disco’ it meant we needed to have everything prepared to be able to get all the shots that we wanted possible, we used a number of different shots and techniques to acheive this. In the music video we needed to get everything to fit with the time of the music in the chase scene and for the performance sequence too, we used handheld shots to make it feel more authentic whilst still trying to keep the same ‘black and white’ concrete feel. Within the digi pak we added logos and barcodes for authenticity, these gave the cd cover a more professional look that people would be able to notice as a serious a real advert for a musical product.

Link to wix production: http://www.wix.com/laura_carrol2/lauracarroll#!

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

For our target audience, we mainly focused on the younger generation who are more familiar with the genre of music produced by the band, ‘Concrete Disco’, the age generally being around 16+. The range of people who filled out our questionnaires were 17-18 years old and a variation of ethnicities.  However the video typically follows conventions of a westernised culture, as seen in most modern media texts today. We identified our target audience by various research into music channels and by meeting with the band.  Whilst researching the genre of the band’s music and listening to a variety of songs they have previously produced, we decided on a number of music channels to research that focused in and around this genre of music (mainly dub, electronica and dance music). The channels and stations we came up with were those such as ‘MTV base’ and ‘KISS’.

From research we identified that it was largely a younger audience who tuned into/watched these channels and stations and that this style of music did not appeal to older generations. Furthermore, after meeting with the band in person for our performance shoot, it was apparent that a younger generation (mainly around 17-30) where those who attended gigs and bought tickets for other events that the band was involved with. Meeting with the band greatly assisted with our research for our target audience as we were able to recognise the age group of people who were most likely to be watching our music video and therefore could  construct a plot and create promotional products which would appeal to this group.  We constructed a questionnaire that allowed for comments on the both the music video and ancillary tasks. From our Questionnaires, it was apparent that our audience felt that the concept of the music video complied with the conventions of the genre, with appropriate stereotypical characters of current media texts. The audience also identified the fast paced editing which is also a connotation of the genre. Others notified that the story line/narrative was what they would expect to find in a high tempo/ dance music video. In addition, it was further noted that the fast pace of the music track echoed the intensity of the chase narrative. In terms of editing, viewers remarked that the different camera angles and cuts created an interesting and effective product. Audience feedback also suggested that viewers observed that the ancillary tasks and music video itself were linked, establishing an overall brand product. In terms of the Digipak viewers commented that the black and white ‘Andy Warhol’ editing mirrored the intensity of the chase scene in the music video. However, in criticism, some viewers felt that some colour in the ancillary tasks would have followed connotations of the genre more effectively, yet the deviation from conventions was seen as ‘rebellious’ and ‘dramatic’ which reflected the bands and the music video’s  nature.  Moreover, the bands were sent versions of the ancillary tasks so we could receive some feedback from them. They responded that the tasks were very effective and that the photos used portrayed the different aspects of their personalities appropriately. However they required us to change the digipak slightly as the song is a collaboration. They did also agree with the other audience feedback that some colour would have been effective but observed that colour was used in the magazine advert.  Moreover, it is hard to receive an accurate feedback for our magazine feedback, as we only have drafted versions.

In relation to professionalism, we aimed to create authentic products that were effective. We used a professional editing package to edit our footage in order to look as professional as possible, but with the schools budget confinements, we could not use the most expensive cameras and resources available. Therefore we tried to create the most professional product possible with the cameras and resources available for our group. The performance scenes in the music video seem quite poorly lit, meaning that the performance scenes look slightly grainy and have an overall dull presentation. If we had access to more expensive, professional lighting, we may have been able to film this scene so the final product would have been clearer. However we could perceive this poor lighting as being to our advantage, as the grey overall effect echoes the band name ‘concrete disco’ and mirrors the way in which the ancillary tasks have been edited.

We also received audience feedback from our class group for our animatic at the beginning of the research and development process. We made pictures on cards for different sections of the music video, mostly the chase scene. However it was hard to create performance scenes as we had not previously met the band or new how they operated.  The class were asked to make both positive and critical notes whilst watching the animatic on a projector.  From our feedback on this task, we learnt that it was quite difficult to understand the chase scene at first as we hadn’t incorporated an initial reason for the chase. At this time in the development, we were complementing ideas for the chase and had settled on the common representation of youths today that a gang or group would inevitably target one individual on their own. Our feedback suggested that it would be better to have a motive for the chase, hence the inclusion of the bag which is taken by the ‘geek’ at the beginning of the track. Furthermore, we tried to build on our concept in the animatic as much as possible, but it was difficult for the class to gain a full insight into what the final product would be like without the performance scenes, so some criticisms were given as the animatic seemed quite confusing to the group.  As a whole, the group did state that the overall balance of performance and chase scenes would create an interesting and effective media product.


Q3 evaluation – ciaran walsh

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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When choosing a target audience we needed to think about what type of people would be interested in the lively music that concrete disco play. This made us chose a younger target audience without a specific gender to focus on, as we felt the music would interest them. We also thought that this genre of music might not be attractive to all cultures and therefor decided that the UK would be a good place to attract a new audience for the band. We were able to successfully identify an audience for concrete disco by devising a questionnaire for people to fill out. Results came from teenagers around 17 and 18, from a variety of ethnic backgrounds as we believed them to be a suitable ages group that would have an interest in the music. To gain this demographic we did a number of tasks, including another questionnaire and making accounts on findyourtribe.com. In the questionnaire, we asked probing questions that might help us to develop our ideas. The results we gathered led to different thoughts that could be used. Respondents to our questionnaire thought music in this genre would be up beat with some bass and girls, with a performance and a storyline. It was hard to incorporate all of these characteristics without the final production looking chaotic and muddled. Therefor we combined most of the things expected from this genre as possible, this led to our final idea of having a chase scene storyline merged with a performance from the band. The second thing we did (findyourtribe.com) allowed us to see what ‘type’ of people we were, for example, indie, Goth, chav. This links in with our audience research, as we are trying to build up an audience base while at the same time trying to figure out what type of people would be interested in our music video. This knowledge helped us when it came to filming, as we were able to include certain aspects from other music videos that appeal to an audience of our choice and include them throughout the video.

To help us to fully understand the target audience we researched music channels that support similar genres of music. Music channels such as, ‘MTV base’ was a main station we looked at because it focuses on genres such as electronica and dubstep. We also gained advantages from watching these networks, such as the understanding of what audiences want from a music video in this genre.

Looking at our feedback we found that not a lot of people knew a lot about the genre they are in (dirty disco), however they were successful in identifying what might be in a music video of this genre.

There were not many professional videos made directly around this genre of music, but we used other known and successful music video characteristics within our video. This would allow the audience to connect with the video making it more memorable. We used the conventional stereotype of youths in hooded jumpers displaying aggressive behaviour as a narrative combined with the traditional idea of the stars performing their song. This allowed us to keep the audience interested with the narrative while giving the band exposure, as audiences would be able to recognise them in the future. During the narrative the audience are positioned in the position of the boy who gets beaten up. This allows the audience to sympathise with him and feel his emotions, making the video memorable and effective.

To acquire the information needed to allow us to improve and develop our music video, we made a questionnaire and gave it to a potential target audience. The results gave us a good insight into the way the video comes across to an outside crowd, and how they interpreted the message of the video. The questions addressed conventions of the genre, improvements that could be made, appropriateness of props and costumes and how well the visual images are synched with the music. The results showed that the video was liked and accepted as a good video. Improvements could have been made with the quality of shots, ie colour, which would be hard to develop, as we have to work with the equipment available and the limitations it has.

The video would be suited to a big record label for widespread release. It has all the characteristics of a video that has already done this. For example the song and video by Eminem ft. Rihanna Love the way you lie has similarities with our video. It has the stars performing the song while also having a narrative to keep the audience interested. There is evidence to support the idea that our video should be widespread in the audience feedback. One person said ‘it creates a story that’s believable and what you would find in a high tempo video.’ this shows that when they compared our music video to other professional ones they have seen it made sence and entertained them, as done by other videos in this genre of music.


How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I believe that the combination of our main product and my ancillary texts have been both effective and successful because they all have a relationship. Each of my media texts are linked together! In both the poster and magazine cover I have used photos of the band keep with the same ‘Andy Warhol’ type theme. This is effective because as an audience, the ancillary texts offer more advertisement of the band, as well as the music video. Unlike the video, and even the poster, a magazine can be re-read/seen, passed through other members of the family and friends. The magazine also offers more information on the band, for example how they met, interviews, or simply pictures of the band. In the society we live in, when we like a media product we tend to want to know all there is about it including the stories, and people involved. For example my magazine poster advertises the characters, shows the ratings from magazines relating to the musical genre, and shows the release dates.

It’s important to recognise the link between each piece of media we have produced as we have tried to keep a consistent theme throughout each of them.  It is significantly key to make sure that the products are distributed to the correct target audience, because a brand creates individuality for a product to keep consumers buying into it. we used the Andy Warhol, but black and white theme consititantly because it related to the bands ‘concrete disco’ name and kept what we was doing coherent, as when you think of the name ‘concrete’ it is a dull and faded image that comes most readily to mind. When deciding how to place the picture we had influence from bands like Blur because they have had a similar theme of the 4 photos of each members of the band in a grid like set up.

When creating our magazine advert we wanted to keep the same theme, the contrast of the black an white features on both the front and the back of the cd covers. We looked at posters from other artists to see how they portrayed their band in the posters and came to the conclusion we would stick with the simple grid like images to keep it recogniseable but with added text around it, when doing this we used colours that would stand out from the original black and white theme, for example a red ‘realised’ stamp was used to attract attention because that is a vital peice of information on the poster.

The initial influence of our poster was the Andy Warhol look that has also been used by by bands such as Blur. We researched many different types of advertising from peoplewithin the same genre, but felt we could keep this look continuing throughout our project.

Link to wix production: http://www.wix.com/laura_carrol2/lauracarroll#!