This is our Wordcloud!

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty

 This is the wordcloud for one of our song choices  ‘step up, step down’. The words were generated from various ideas we had abut the video we could produce for this song. For example, ‘estate’, ‘youths’, and ‘chase’. These words refelct the plot of the narrative, i.e the chase scene in a run down area, that compliments the tempo of the music. Some of the words included in this particular word cloud were chosen because they reflect genre characteristics, e.g ‘Neon’.  We have also incorporated the name of the band in the wordcloud. Which also complies with the next word cloud. For the second cloud, we have chosen bright colours on a dark background to represent the party scene, bright lights etc, which are also characteristics of the electronic genre. Similarly to the first cloud, we have used words that imitate ideas for the video, for example, party, alcohol and girls.


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