Lucy Flaherty – Music Video Analysis

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Lucy Flaherty

Candy Shop – 50 Cent featuring Olivia

The scene opens to a tracking shot of the mansion, which sets the scene and establishes the location where the video is set.

The door opens to a female who says, ‘welcome to the candy shop’. Her central positioning in the shot allows the viewer to recognise she is a main character. Here, the video starts to follow a narrative, combined with performance based scenes. The dialogue used also establishes the name of the track.

A variety of shots are edited with slow motion that complies with the tempo of the music. The cuts from shot to shot also synchronise with the pace of the music. A variation of midshots and close ups are used to focus on the protagonist, in this case 50 cent, and the main female characters. This links to Goodwins analysis in terms of ‘star’ positioning in the video. This abides by Record Label demands, which includes regular close ups of the artist.

       The clothing, cars and ‘bling’ all have connotations of the R & B/Hip Hop genre and videos seen in modern media texts today. This video follows conventions as it uses genre characteristics throughout the video, in particular the use of clothing or ‘lack of’ especially for the female characters. The ‘CandyShop’ video is a modern example of voyerism – the use of women to sell a product. The women are dressed in provactive clothing and uniforms and are portrayed in a way so that the viewer percieves the females to be objects of sex. This creates a negative sexual representation of women and the explotation of female body parts to sell the video to its target audience, here being mostly the young male generation. This also relates to Goodwins analysis, which identifies key features of music videos.

The continued slow motion and slow zooms follow the “dream like” narrative. The music ends to a match on graphic shot of the main female character blowing a bubblegum bubble. The narrative however continues for a few seconds after the music has ended.


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