Foals – This Orient

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak

Foals’ This Orient is a performance based music video. Although it is performance based there is still a short narrative within, as quick cut editing is used to change between the performance and images of the sky. The music video includes many different camera angles and movements, including extreme close up and panning shots.

The video starts with what presume to be the lead singer with no light on him, giving him a silhouette effect upon a background of birds fluttering on a screen and a blossoming flower to the right, which is ever present throughout This Orient. Match on action is then used when extreme close ups are of Foals’ instruments are then seen. Quick shots are used to show each instrument, but it is the drums that are predominately hear at this moment. This is used to create a frantic feeling to the intro.

 We know almost immediately who the lead singer is, once he is revealed on screen, in a frame showing a busy background to his right. Match on dialogue is used a great deal at this point, when the lyrics read “dark” a nigh time sky is shown, this happens again when the lead singer sings the word “glide” and birds are seen flying through the sky.

The extreme close up of each instrument is shown throughout the music video, and the shots have been timed perfectly to match the music.  Very little lighting s used, the only source does appear to be the monitor of scenery, where birds flutter and the time of day changes from day to night. A low panning shot is used to get our first view of the band performing together.  Mise-en-scene is used in This Orient, by the way that the performers mention “Heart” this is represented by the way Birds, flowers and the sky are seen in the quick shots, and behind the performers.

The band members separately are all pictured with a Japanese Cherry blossom in their shot, which is symbolic of the Orient, the connation this has is of new beginning. The background clouds are then turned to red, like a sunset, the colours seen from this are oriental colours, hence the name This Orient. The final shot of the Band is high angled panoramic view, as the band stop playing their instruments. This is a good shot to finish just before the video ends on, birds flying off into a red sky.

In conclusion, Foals’ symbolic This Orient uses a variation of shots, to and movements to make the video have a more frantic feel, the quick shots of the scenery also adds the symbolic narration, that often isn’t clear from a first viewing but adds to an interesting watch.


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