Questionaire answers

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty


Questionnaire answers

1. Preferred genre of music?

RnB, Rap, 80’s pop, jazz, rock, folk, pop, reggae

2. Genre expectation from dirty disco music?

Parties, girls, roller-skating, strobe lights, alcohol, clubs, colourful, bikinis

3. What would you expect a dirty disco genre of music to sound like in comparison with other genres?

Louder, ruder, more bass, less lyrics, up beat

4. Have you heard any dirty disco songs? If so what are they?

8 out of 10 people said ‘no’, 2 people said Dizzee rascal’s song dirty disco.

5. Dirty disco characteristics?

Fun, exciting, catchy, girls, unusual, dirty, bass, sexy

6. Favourite music video?

Meatloaf- I would do anything for love

Billy Idol- white wedding

Steps- tragedy

50 cent- candy shop

Katy Perry- California Gurls

Lady Gaga- telephone

Steps- better the devil you know

7. Specific details that should be included in the music video?

Dancing, girls, match the lyrics, eye-catching, storyline,

8. Preference of narrative, performance, conceptual?

Performance, narrative and conceptual

9. Is there a general music video stereotype?

Love story, band singing, yes


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