love the way you lie essay

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Ciaran Walsh

Love the way you lie – Eminem feat Rhianna Click to show "love the way you lie" result 6

It is conventional for a music video in this genre of music to be both performance and narrative based. Various techniques are used to make the video easy for people to watch. Andrew Goodwin identified some features of a music video that allow audiences to easily view and understand a video, some of which are used in this music video. There is a relationship between the lyrics and visuals on screen. During the ‘love the way you lie’ video this occurs many times, for example when the star sings ‘watch me burn’ and ‘set this house on fire’ we see a house on fire with bright flames. Another example of this is when the star says ‘lay my fist at the dry wall’ the actor within the video punches a hole in the wall. Another feature that Goodwin uses to analyse music videos that is in this video are when the record label demand close ups of the stars to help promote them, as the audience will be able to see who’s song it is.

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Another aspect of making a video easy to watch comes from the editing style, if the editing does not allow the video to flow while at the same time giving enough information so the fans can understand the storyline it can become very confusing and hard for people to connect and appreciate what the song is about, and the significance of the video. As performance and narrative based videos are conventional for this genre of music the editing has to time each section perfectly, and so if fits with the song, this is known as parallel editing. An editing technique used to add tension in this music video is slow motion when the male actor hits the female actress. This gives the audience time to see the maliciousness of the punch as sums up the overall representation on the video of being about domestic violence, this helps give meaning to the song and video.

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