Music channel research.

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty

Channel Average Daily Reach Weekly Reach    Average Weekly Viewing Share   
  000s % 000s % Hrs:min per person  


MTV 209 0.4 1,001 1.7 0:01  
MTV +1 90 0.2 455 0.8 *  
MTV Base 244 0.4 1,194 2.1 0:01  
MTV Classic 86 0.2 485 0.8 *  
MTV Dance 105 0.2 571 1.0 *  
MTV Hits 257 0.4 1,298 2.3 0:01  
MTV Rocks 90 0.2 559 1.0 *  
MTV Shows 122 0.2 631 1.1 *  
Smash Hits 131 0.2 726 1.3 *
The Box 230 0.4 1,105 1.9 0:01
Viva 993 1.7 4,564 8.0 0:05
Dance Nation 43 0.1 269 0.5 *
Kiss TV 207 0.4 1,049 1.8 0:01
Clubland TV 80 0.1 415 0.7 *
Scuzz 58 0.1 293 0.5 *  
Smash Hits 131 0.2 726 1.3 *  

 From the list of music channels that are avaliable in the UK, i chose the most dance oreintated that i felt fitted our music genre and video best. 

  MTV Dance is a 24-hour dance music channel operated by MTV Networks Europe. The channel is widely available throughout Europe on subscription satellite and digital television services. The channel is officially available in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Iceland, Malta and a number of other countries.

VIVA is a 24-hour music and entertainment channel launched in 1993 in Germany. The channel was previously owned by a private German media group “VIVA Fernsehen GmbH”. In 2004, MTV Networks Europe acquired the brand.[1] Today, MTV Networks Europe continue to operate the original German speaking VIVA channel along with specific channels for Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  – by using this channel it’s a way of getting a song notices worldwide rather than just in the UK.

Dance nation :

Dance Nation TV is a British music TV channel owned and operated by CSC Media Group (formerly Chart Show Channels). It replaced Flaunt from 17 March 2010. Dance nation has sister channels, scuzz, bliss, chart show TV, the vault, flava, NME TV. (

Kiss TV is a commercial music television channel from Box Television, available on the Sky and Virgin Media digital television platforms. The playlist predominantly consists of mainstream hip-hop, Dance and R&B.

It is based on the format of the Bauer owned London radio station Kiss 100, which started as a pirate radio station in London in 1985. Kiss TV celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its launch in 2005.

The original incarnation of Kiss TV was created by Guy Wingate, who, as an original co-creator of London’s Kiss 100 (in its pirate days) was brought back in to head up EMAP‘s fledgling TV division by the more-widely known Kiss chief, Gordon McNamee (Mac). The channel ran for one hour a night on the Mirror Group‘s L!VE TV cable circuit and after a year moved up to the Granada satellite and cable platform, taking a similar slot in the evening.

Although the original idea for the channel was proposed in 1993 (three years after Kiss FM launched as a legal station), it took many months for Wingate to convince UK television regulators to permit the extension of a brand name over to television. When permission was finally granted, Kiss had once again innovated by becoming the first “Masthead” TV project in the UK.

Within one year, the station was beating MTV in its time slots, and quickly gained a cult status for its low-budget edgy coverage of the UK dance music scene. The channel’s presenters included legendary DJs such as BBC Radio 1‘s Judge Jules. By the time the channel was one year old, it had attracted major sponsorship from blue-chip brands such as Levi’s, Sony consumer products and The Guardian newspaper.

It is now part of subscription packages on all digital television platforms. It is part of a group of channels owned by Box Television, (a joint venue between Bauer and Channel 4), which includes 4 Music, Kerrang! TV, Smash Hits, Q, The Box, and Magic.

Clubland TV is a music channel broadcasting on Sky 383 and Freesat 514 in the United Kingdom. It features dance music videos and is based from the Clubland compilation albums. The channel launched on 28 January 2008, and was broadcast on Sky Channel 378 until 4 August 2008 when it moved up the EPG along with the other music channels as part of Sky’s EPG Re-shuffle. Clubland TV can now be found on Channel 383. As of March 2008, the channel had five times the viewing ratings than its main competition MTV Dance.[1]

The channel is solely controlled (including all playout and technical support services) by the team behind the highly successful Clubland series

Dance magazines –

We can use these types of magazines to advertise the band and the songs, by running articles and adverts as well as the music video it is getting the band and the songs noticed. We can then go on to having them making appearances on the radio stations and also within the other platforms of each channel for example toxic funk berry could play at dance nation in London.


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