Anthony & Ciaran’s Pink Panther editing video

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh

We did a quick editing exercise using adobe premiere elements 4 to help remind us of the necessary techniques and skills needed to produce a well-rounded and flowing music video for our real task. This allowed us to re-familiarise our self’s with the software we would be using and potentially allow the process of editing our video to be problem free and quick. We started by uploading the pink panther song onto the adobe software, then we added markers in time with the beat of the songs. This would help us later on in the editing exercise. Then we looked for funny pictures from the website ‘’ to insert over the top of our song; we were able to do this due to the earlier set markers we placed on the song. The markers allowed us to cut the pictures and song it the exact place and timing that would fit in with the pink panther theme tune. This gave the effect of a smooth video that that intertwines with the song.


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