Communication with the Band

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty

Dear Toxic Funk Berry,

I am an A-level media student at Joan of arc school. We have been set the task of directing and producing a music video for our coursework. We viewed some of your songs on the show ‘Must be the music’ where we were very impressed with your material and strongly believe that you have a great talent. We would like to make a music video of your song ‘step up step down’ as it fits the genre of music we wish to use. We would like to meet to discuss the ideas we have for the video and we would welcome any ideas or suggestions you may want to contribute to the process.

Yours Sincerely

Ciaran Walsh, Anthony Szymaniak, Laura Carrol, Lucy Flaherty



Hi Lucy,


Thanks so much for your email, we’re honoured & would love for you to use us as part of coursework. Not only would it be helping yourselves it would also serve as part of our ever growing show reel. With that in mind we would really like it if we could use another tune as we have a video already to step up step down. I have included a song called play for your life (keep it to yourselves!) & it is going to be our first single coming out in the new year. It would be amazing if we had a really good video to go with it. I think we should meet up to discuss these ideas….. you guys free this week? Could you get to highbury one evening this week? or would somewhere round ricki be easier?




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