Devlin – Runaway.

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Laura Carroll


Devlins song and video match very well. Devlins music usually represents working class struggle and real life situations that listeners can relate too. The music video has a narrative related to the song which features different actors. However the video switches from the story line to devlin by himself, rapping, an element of performance. Later devlin is involved in the narrative as well as performance, this constant switching allows the artist to be part of the lime light as well as having the story told but professional artists and also taking part in the story.

Tbere are many closeups of the actors however much more of the artist himself, making him the star of the video as it should be.

The video is set in which looks like a council estate, this area and the people in the video help to represent the type of music it is accompanying; grime/rap. This reputation of working class life links with the background of devlin himself making him more authentic with the street/grime genre.

This style of music was originally formed in London and is associated mostly with gun crime and black youth culture. With other srtist reinforcing this view Devlins music video for ‘runaway’ has taken the opposite approach, speaking of struggles and literally physically running away from it all rather than fighting. Artists such as skepta who have only recently become mainstream famous, in a way, often sell out for the typical representations of woman and money in their videos. In this case there is a different view of woman as there is a very strong female role model which takes up a majority of three minute time limit. This goes again one of Goodwins forms and conventions.

During the clips of Devlin rapping, the camera often rotates around him as he makes eye contact with the veiwer as this shows him importance and lets the viewer know immediately who the artist is, even with a woman singer also featured in the video.

This kind of underground artist is in the most similar position to our media group as they will not have as big a budget as most chart topping artists.


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