Chase and Status – Let you go Feat. Mali

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Laura Carroll

Chase and status – let you go Feat. Mali

Chase and status music video shows a television programme based around Jeremy Kyles chat show. This shows the presenter behind the scenes committing most of the offences the public come on there sort out.

The genre of music (drum and base/dance) matches this hard hitting video: one of Andrew Goodwins forms and conventions. Another one is that the music follows the pace and editing is synced with the audio. This particular video has some narrative which the viewer can follow and in some cases relate with. The song follows this narrative throughout.

The director uses a lot of close ups of the actor to show the facial expressions and emotions. Nearly almost all of the shots are in darkness and look dreary helping us the audience establish what kind of mood it is.

The story line behind the narrative used in some ways can reflect the genre of music in numerous ways; for example the drug taking, alcohol abuse, clubbing all part of the dance/dnb/techno scene. This can also represent the band because chase and status are both DJ’s and I think would be looking for a hard hitting video to match their music.

Chase and status have only recently become mainstream however the few official videos they have produced follow the same style. Looking at previous videos it is obvious to see that chase and status take a serious approach to how their music is being presented. Being djs and not literally being able to be in the video singing and dancing they need to find alternatives to fill the space such as acting. Many of the chase and status music video follow a common narrative of violence, drugs use ect however not on an extreme level.

The song ‘end credits’ was originally made for the end credits of the film Harry Brown. The official video is made up of clips from the film and then a performance element of plan b singing, who also plays a character in the film. Harry brown is a film about London youth culture. This fits well with the iconography linked with drum and bass. The genre of drum and bass started underground however such artists as chase and status have brought it up for the masses to enjoy.


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