What is a Digipak?

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty

A digipak is a patented style of CD or compact disc, that folds as one. Usually made of card as opposed to a jewel case, It is a continous illustration usually refelcting the genre or connatations associated with that artist or film. For example This digipak for ‘The Prodigy Greatest Hits Album’. It uses a continous logo and font that relects the style of the badn and genre of the music, which is similar to that of the band we have chosen to make our music video for.

This Particular Digipak also features the images of the previous albums released by ‘The Prodigy’. A digipak is also likely to match the style, format and illustrations festured on the advertisment for the product. This results in the overall product looking more professional and recognisable to the target market. 

This example shows the relationship between the cover and advertisment for Dizee Rascal. The colour, font and presentation is imitated by each in order to create a recognisable advertisment that allows the public to associate the artist directly with that particular design.

For example, readers of particular music/popular culture magazines may come across this advert, immediately recognise this design and therefore recognise it is an advert for a Dizzee Rascal track.

Our digipak must have a unique design that complys with the genre of music the band produces (Toxic Funk Berry). The design must feature characteristics that will make the advert memorable and recognisable.  For example, by using the  ‘Toxic Funk Berry ‘ symbol.

Using this as an example, We could use this font and image throughout the digipak and magazine advert, so this type of design becomes  asscoiated with the band so they are recognised by a wider audience. This banner could provide the basis for the overall design of the digipak. We could use the bright colours on the covers to make the digipak attractive and attention grabbing and use the font for the song titles and other scripts such as information on the production company.


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