Keri Hilson – knock you down.

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Laura Carroll

The video that i am going to annalyse is Keri Hilson ‘knock you down.’ This music video and song gives the prespective of a relationship from both male and female and how they react to different dilemas, ‘desert or disaster.’ This song is a collaberation of 3 artists, Keri Hilson, Kayne West and Neyo; it is shot in california with chris robinson as director.

The song demonstrates genre characteristics of an R+B music video, its performance mixed with narrativ shoes sexual refrences keeping the opposite sex engadges with each one, with the performance side of the video always showing dancing.

There is a clear link between the lyrics and visuals. The main female character in the video, played by Keri Hilson, starts and ends the video in the same Position as if it is being told as a story. On the word ‘down’ there is always some sort of fall, for example Kayne West falls to the ground and editing is used to make his body shatter. Also as Keri Hilson sings the line ‘life, house and kids’ she’s uses hand signals to perform each of the words she is saying. This song ends with the last word ‘down and as she does there is a slow motion fall onto the bed.

Godwins theory suggests that their is a need for close ups of the artists. There is multiple close ups of each vocalist in this video. Having these relationships built in the video gives the artist the representation and publicity they require.

Voyeurism is present in many videos especially the treatment of females but also in terms of looking. Some examples of this are screen cameras and mirrors in this video, in most of the performance sectors with all 3 of the artists, Neyo, Keri and Kayne all sing and look directly through the camera with their eyes focused on us, the audience. This makes it feel that they are singing the song to us and that there is a personal connection.


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