Shot List

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Ciaran Walsh, Lucy Flaherty

Shot list

0.0-0.5- establishing shot of location

0.5-0.15- band introduced performance begins

0.15-0.20- cuts back to different shots of the estate

0.20-0.35- shots of teenagers sitting around, individual walks by – terrorise by teenagers

0.35-0.45- shot of boy beaten up on ground/against wall

0.45-0.50- back to performance – close ups

0.50-0.53- Shot of the bag with fade- close up

0.53-0.60- boy comes across bag – looks in (battery powered light) mid shot

0.60-1.05- boy takes bag and begins to walk down alley

1.05-1.10- performance

1.10-1.15- over the shoulder shot of boy walking down the alley

1.15-1.20- group of teenage group at the spot where bag is found

1.20-1.25- looks down the alley to see the boy walking away with bag

1.25-1.30 – begin to chase after boy

1.30-1.40- performance

1.40-1.45- boy realises hes being chased – begins to run

1.45-1.50 – hand held camera for chase

1.50-1.55- performance

1.55-2.05 – boy steps in puddle close up of running

2.05- 2.15- chase

2.15-2.20- other teenage group close up – running/ puddle

2.25- 2.30- mid shot of boys running towards the camera

2.30- 2.35- performance (close ups etc)

2.35- 2.40- boys begin to approach a dead end

2.40-2.45- 3 youths close in

2.45-2.50- performance

2.50-2.60- at the dead end (over the shoulder shot from group looking at boy who is backed up against a wall/blocked off area

2.60-3.05- performance

3.05-3.10- close up of boy looking at the bag

3.10-3.15- group close in further

3.20-3.25- boy drops bag

3.25- 3.30- performance shots

3.30-3.40- group of teens begin to beat boy up

*****Slow motion*****

3.40-3.45- boy falls to the ground

3.45-3.50- Group run off with the bag – opens bag (light shines out)

3.50-3.55- band finishes


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