Chase and Status feat. Plan B – End credits

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Ciaran Walsh

The opening shot to this music video is of the star falling in slow motion, this immediately grabs the attention of the audience as they will instantly start to ask questions about what is happening. This gives the video and song a good way to hook the audience and keep them watching the rest of the video. The slow motion of this shot also gives of a direct effect shown from the perspective of the director as being important and to emphasise the fact he is falling. A close up of the stars face as his head hits the floor also contributes to the tension of the scene as it shows the force at which he hits the floor. This also comes under one of the characteristics set out by Andrew Goodwin and his analysis of music videos. He said that the record label for a star will demand lots of close ups of the star throughout the video, with is demonstrated during the song. Another one of his characteristics to analysing music videos is the relationship between the music and visuals which again is demonstrated several times in the duration of the video. First time we see this is the fast paced editing of different scenes from the film the soundtrack to which this song belongs to, with the increasing volume and intensity of the upcoming beat of the song, the director has chosen to do this to increase tension to the overall theme of the music video. This is then followed by a short clip of the movie with the star added into the scene using editing techniques. The next scene is one of gang violence and the opinion of local residence through facial expressions, as we see 3 men beating up a passing stranger and causing general vandalism and havoc to other people. The man’s expression to these events increases its intensity and gives the audience a clear indication to how they should be reacting to the actions on screen. A third point that can be used from Goodwin’s analysis is a relationship between the lyrics and visuals which is also used. Here we see one of the actors covered in blood shout out, ‘he’s got a gun’, the following scenes are then of the star (plan B) holding and firing a gun. Hand gestures of a gun to his head also relate the analysis point of Andrew Goodwin and the visuals match the lyrics and soundtrack.


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