RichMix cinema trip – Brick lane

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Lucy Flaherty

18th November 2010

For this media trip we went to brink lane to a cinema venue. The day was held by a company called ‘RichMix’ who invited 4 schools to take part in a presentation by the Cheif examiner, Peter Marcus, followed by presentations from people who work in the media sector, particularly music videos. The cheif examiner showed us clips from music videos whilst guiding us through a presentation on music video history. He also gave us a few examples of past student music videos in order to help us with developing our own. This was followed by a break in which we had to complete our own task. The 4 schools had to come up with a music video idea for a song by Biffy Cylro, played for us at the end of the previous presentation. After the break, we had to pitch our ideas to Corin Hardy, Peter Marcus and Liz Kessler. Each school recieved feedback on their idea. Our groups idea was to have the band performing infront of a screen projecting images of war, with an element of stop motion.

We then watched clips from music videos directed by Liz Kessler, who talked to us about the costs and time involved in directing a music video.  We had an opportunity to aks questions before we were spoken to by Corin Hardy. He gave  us an interesting presentation combined with music videos, that in my view, was the highlight of the day. He talked about the creation of animation, in particular the video for ‘Bedshaped’ by Keane and ‘warriors dance’ by The Prodigy.

Overall it was a beneficial day, but i found the presentation from Corin was the most interesting from a students point of view.  His videos and topics of dicussion were current to our generation and therefore came across as more appealling than the talk given on music video history. Evidently, the music video history talk provided valuable information that could be applied to my media studies, but Corins information engaging and i was kept interested throughout.

Lucy Flaherty


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