Trip to Rich Mix Cinema, Brick Lane

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak

On the 18th November 2010 we went on a school trip to a Rich Mix Cinema in Brick Lane, London. we viewed a presentation called “From MTV to YouTube” by Peter Marcus, a Chief Examiner. the presentaion involved the viweing of many clips and music to explain the history of music Videos. Past studnet music videos were also shown to help students develop their ideas when filming their own video.

We were then given a task to come up with a music to go with the song “God & Satan” By Biffy Clyro. As schools our chosen spokesperson then has to pitch the idea to Corin Hardy, Liz Kessler and Peter Marcus. They would then give each school feedback on our idea. Our groups idea was to have the band performing infront of a screen projecting images of war, with an element of stop motion.

During the day, Liz and Corin idividually showed us a few videos that they had either directed or produced. I perfered Corin’s video such as Keane’s “Bedshaped” and The Horror’s “She is the new thing” as they should originallity.

Overall i found the day very usefull and intersting. I found Peter’s presentation the most useful part of the day as it gave me ideas of what i can put into our video. while Corin’s was the most interesting as his videos were entertaining. whilst it was good to see what a media student can achieve if they what stay in that area when they’re looking for a job.


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