Posted: December 1, 2010 in Lucy Flaherty

For our music Video, we are going to create a digipak and advertisement to promote the song in amalgamation with the video. In order to research and develop ideas, I have looked at other adverts for single/album promotion of some of the bands and artists i have previously researched.

I have used these adverts as examples, as the genre associated with these artists is similar to the genre of music ‘toxic funk berry’ produce. I have also researched these artists before in terms of image branding. These adverts follow connatations associated with the genre of the music, for example bright colours and the ‘rave scene’. We wanted to create an advert that attracts target audiences, but also has the relevant information, as these three examples do. As ‘Toxic Funk Berry’ are a fairly unknown and exclusive band at present, it is important that the name of the band and an image that can be associated with them is featured on the advert.  Our rough draft follows a similar format of ‘The Prodigy’ advertisement More specifically, We have the name of the band towards the top of the frame, layered over a cartoon like image (The Prodigy – speakers, Our advertisement for Toxic Funk berry- explosion cloud). Then we have the basic information undernieth towards the bottom of the frame. A bright colour scheme will also be used to allow the audience to get a feel for the genre of the music and how the song will sound. In our rough draft we have created something original, but it also follows connatations associated with the genre making it recognisable. We are developing the idea from our rough draft to create a proffesional advert.

This is another advertisement. As well as looking at band advertisements, i have looked at club advertisements. ‘Toxic Funk Berry’ have perofrmed in venues and clubs exclusively across the country and i therefore thought it would be appropiate to look at the style and format of these advertisements in combination with band advertisements. I like the format of this advert, because the image  is centralised and there isnt too much information to distract the eye from the main presentation. Also The important information is in bold attention grabbing font and therefore the reader does not have to strain to read the important information i.e  the information is easy to read at a glance. The colour and format for this advert is also eyecatching, maximizing chances that readers will look at the advert.

I have also included this Advertisement for Jay Z. I have included this advert for a concert as it is an example of an image associated with the star that features across promotions. This collage on the left shows how the Three red stipe image is replicated on CD promotions, concert advertisements and Album covers. This is the type of image branding we wanted to create with the digipak and advertisement for ‘Toxic Funk Berry’- Play for your life(our music video track). I have also researched album covers for The Prodigy singles to show how style, font, presentation and format can be replicated over a series of products to create a recognisable image thats is associated with an artist.


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