Rich Mix trip

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Ciaran Walsh

November the 18th 2010 we went on a trip to rich mix cinema in brick lane, London. Its purpose was to give us additional information and supports that will help us develop the music videos we have to make. The day was taken by the Chief examiner, Peter Marcus who gave us helpful tips that can be applied to the production and overall outcome of our videos.

Three other schools were also invited for the day presentation called ‘From MTV to YouTube’, which involved many different viewings and discussions about various topics raised about the history of media as well as the development of media. Peter Marcus showed inspirational music videos that have made the bases for many music videos today. He then described why they were so good and influential and pointed out the aspects that we should try and use in our own videos. In one of the examples was the video by American rapper ‘Jay-Z’ and his song ’99 problems’ where they were able to fit in 350 – 400 cuts over the duration of the song. Secondary to the professional music videos that were shown were past students that achieved high marks when assessed. Peter then illustrated the important aspects that contributed to their success, such as the number of cuts that should be used in a music video.

Next we were given the opportunity to speak with director Corin Hardy and producer Liz Kessler who showed us examples of their work and gave us descriptive annotations on the development of the video. They also talked about timings and costs and stressed the importance of being able to stretch the budget you have accordingly. Corin Hardy also talked about his experiences with working with such artists as the prodigy and the making the animation for their song ‘warrior’s dance’.

Overall the day at rich mix gave me many different tips that are directly transferrable to the production and direction of our media project of making a music video, and it will help me achieve a better grade overall with the inside knowledge that the chief examiner is looking for.


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