Skills we have learnt on filming and editing

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Anthony Szymaniak, Ciaran Walsh, Laura Carroll, Lucy Flaherty

During the period of filming and editing of our A2 Media music video I have learnt a number of things. The positioning was a key component towards filming our music video, it allowed us to show our video in the ways that we had imagined in our heads also making it more appealing to the audience and the artist who had given us their permission to use their song. We filmed the same scenes of our video over and over, putting the camera at different angles and positions, this made it all more fluid but yet frantic allowing the video to fit well with the song when it came to the editing.

 The whole time whilst filming, we were constantly thinking about how well our filming would look with the track playing along with it. As a group, discussing this was important as we had to believe that what were filming complemented the song.

After filming, believing that we had enough shots to be put into place, we began editing. Two out of four of group, myself and Ciaran Walsh were put in charge of the editing. Figuring out what parts of the film would make the cut and what would be left unused. Looking through what we had filmed, we found that the many shots of the different scenes would fit well if we cut each one to make a sequence. So using “Final cut express” on an “Apple Mac” me and Ciaran put each of our shots in order of sequence cutting them so they fit into together. Looking back at what we had edited so far we began to get ideas of what to do to make the video runner smoother.

 Adding markers to the timeline we saw where the beat of the music was, this helped when putting each part of the video in as it allowed us to put the images in time with the beat of the music. We did discover that more filming may be needed for certain shots that didn’t run as at we initially thought. This isn’t a large problem but in the end it means less time for editing.


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