Skills and Development

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Lucy Flaherty

During the A2 media course I have learnt and developed a number of skills in connection will filming and editing. Before the beginning of the A2 course, I had never used a blog to post essays and research tasks. It was a bit difficult to post images and text along side each other, but with tweaking and resizing it became easy to post a series of images with information adjacent in a presentable format.

Before the filming process, we used the editing package to make a short film for the ‘Pink Panther’ Theme tune. Using images that were pre selected, we used markers to mark sections of the music and layered images to create a slideshow that harmonized with the pace of the music. I had not used this editing technique to cut from image to image beforehand, so it was a valuable technique to learn before we began the filming and editing process.

The group was able to apply skills from last year to this years filming experience. We were already accustomed with the equipment, so we could set up quickly and easily. We were able to film with camera on a steady tripod and use the tripod handle to create panning shots. We were also familiar with the variety of shots we could use, so we were able to film these confidently using the camera effectively.

We also used a digital camera to capture photos of filming, location, and ‘in action’ shots.

After the filming process, we were able to watch our footage back by copying from the video camera onto the editing package. Then Ciaran and Anthony began to edit the film together, similarly to the pink panther exercise.

Laura and I began to work on the advertisement and digipak. I used Photoshop elements to create a replica of a CD cover. It was difficult to use the different tools available, but I experimented first with an image of the band. I then chose a simple cover to reproduce as part of my research and development. I used basic shapes and fill colour tools to create the cover as well as a text box tool to put the text on the image.




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