skills development

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Ciaran Walsh

Over the duration of filming editing our music video as well as making a blog of the work and development of ideas we went through I have acquired many different transferable skills that have made the process easier as we have progressed. The first set of skills I have learnt, were about setting up and adding work to a blog. Primarily we set up the blog; we had to pick a suitable background that would suit the genre and type of music video we were going to make. This was based on our first general direction in which we wanted to make the video on. There was many to choose from which made it easier to pick a suitable background. Then we were shown how to upload work on to the blog through a new post. This allowed us to transfer any work we had done towards the development of the project to be seen by other members of the group, which helped contribute to production. We also learnt how to upload relevant images and videos to help us describe the way in which we all wanted to create our video in. The second set of skills learnt came from the filming aspect, in which we used some AS knowledge to use as a basis to expand upon. This allowed us to pick up different filming techniques that could be used easier. When filming we used a variety of shots such as point of view (pov) over the shoulder and establishing shots as well as many others. This allowed us to use an assortment of shots which would allow the video to be seen from different angles giving a more rounded final product. Skills learnt during filming also come from past mistakes, and I have now learnt to save camera battery when not filming by switching off the camera. This is important when using only one camera with a limited battery lifespan as it can interfere and interrupt with a day’s filming. Another lesson learnt from mistakes is to make sure you film each scene a number of times from an array of angles as this will make for a better music video. The last set of skills learnt are editing which again could be added to from last year’s coursework. We were able to perform basic editing skills such as cut, but having the equipment and understanding to add markers allowed the timing of each cut to be in time with the music. Other editing skills learnt are being able to add a selection of transactions which helped move from performance to narrative as well as scene to scene. Overall all these skills have allowed me to contribute to the overall success of our music video. The knowledge I now have can help me in other projects outside of media such as setting up a blog, as well as inside media for example editing a music video.


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