CD cover Ideas

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Lucy Flaherty

During the developing process of our digipak and advertisement, we came up with some new ideas using the photos we took of the band members whilst filming. As we took many face on close up photos of the band, we came up with an Andy Warhol inspired format. We looked at several pieces of Warhols art for inspiration.

The first one we came aross was this monoprint of Marilyn Monroe. This is one of Warhols most famous works which is recognised globally. As we took many full face shots of the band, we could use the the photos in this same format as this piece of art work. This would include two photos of each band member, with the middle square available for the name of the band and the song title (example on the left). We could also have the images in a variation of different block colours, which would also reflect, as explained before, the connotations associated with the music genre.

I also found this example of a Marylin monoprint on a website of examples using the photoshop package. With this format,  one photo of each band member would be used, so we would have to chose between the different sets of photographs taken at the video shoot.  There would also be limited space for the band name and song title, so we would have to layer the text over the images. Using paint, i tried to layer the text over the images. However, its quite hard to see the writing amoung the images so i had to move the text so it was positioned in the white areas around the prints.

Even though i tried to layer the text over white areas in the image, the text still seems unclear and in my opinion, looks unprofessional in compar

ison to the other multiple image idea which would consist of 2 photos of each band member. However we need separate ideas for our poster, that still incorporated the overall imagery used for the Digipak. So, essentially, we could use the four image format for the poster (less images so band members are clear and easy to see by targ

et audiences and possibly more room for information) and the multiple image format for the CD cover, where less information is needed (most information e.g song names and track length would feature on the back.)


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