skills learnt:

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Laura Carroll

Before starting our real editing task we used the editing package to make a short sequence to the pink panther theme tune to familiarise ourself with the equipment, we used images we had already collected a lot with the music and cut and marked it so that the editing of images fit with the music. We hadn’t used this tool before and so we learnt how to mark and layer images and to make sure it fit with the beat of the song, this helped us to develop our skills before the real editing exercise.

After we filmed each part of our video we then split off into 2 groups of 2, Ciaran and Anthony started the editing whilst Lucy and i started the digipak we researched previous posters and album covers that have been designed by previous artist, we discovered the path and design we wanted to use and made a written and computerised design of this. This then helped us when we wanted to design our poster on computer as we knew exactly what we wanted and what colours fitted well. whilst doing this, i looked through all of the photos and decided what ones we wanted to use for our album cover.




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