Technical skills learnt during editing

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Anthony Szymaniak

Using final cut express i have managed to incorporate both my band and chase footage into a music video. i first went about doing this by organising my chase footage into the correct order of sequence. i added markers took give with the beat of the song, Concrete Disco’s Play for your life. this allowed me to organise my video to be in time with the music. Using the razor tool i cut each scene of the chase footage so that it would flow accurately and looked more like a music video.

From early ideas our group had decided that we wanted the band to be included in the  music video somehow. so once we had a good amount of the band performing from different angles, we once again organised our footage into the correct order. we made sure every band footage matched the song so that it would look right when added with the chase sequence. we ended up with at least 10 different angles of the band performing the same song. To make this into one whole sequence we had to cut each piece of band performance using the razor tool, we deleted all the pieces of footage that didn’t  look good. we that had effectively made a music video of just the band. We merged the individual video performances so that it would fit onto would to one timeline, before we did this we rendered it so it would run smoothly. Adding the band sequence with with our chase footage has allowed us to the video to drift between the two sequences allowing to flow better and look more professional.


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