technical skills learnt:

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Laura Carroll

Making the digi-pak-

The technical skills i have learnt from making the poster : we first researched what a magazine advertising poster would like look so we could make our poster as authentic as possible, after doing this we began putting together the images that we wanted to use in our poster. I used the editing package photoshop to create the poster. we put together our back ground image and starting adding and positioning text whilst still following the design of music adverts. as we continued to make the poster we began to realise the more difficult aspects where the littler details such as rotating the text correctly. the advert that we started to put together ending up not being like the original designs that we made as we went for a more black and white theme rather than the big burst of colours that was involved in our original ideas which we had designed by hand and on the computer.

step by step guide to our photoshop production:

1. we made the background layer

2. we added in a new layer by clicking on ‘layer’ then ‘new layer’

3. we added text to this layer then moved it to the correct position.

4. (same as step 2)

5. we added a picture and positioned it correctly

6. (same as step 2)

7. we imported a picture of stars into our new layer as we had to copy them off word

8. (same as step 2)

9. we saved it.



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