Evaluation: Question 2 – Anthony Szymaniak

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Anthony Szymaniak

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

When first coming up with the idea of having the band performance incorporated with the narrative we know we had to advertise each member individually when film to show their stardom statuses. When filming we filmed each individual member of the band, this was done so that when it came to the finished video, viewers would have a good knowledge of each member. Therefore we were advertising there faces and their musical ability. As with all music videos, they brand the artist and their song by giving them the majority of screen time so that they receive recognition and publicity. Also when editing we really listened to the track and highlighted parts of the song that would suit the individual member when it came to their appearances for example the drummer appears when it get to a drop in the beat and is about to start again with the drums being heard loudest.

When it came to the creation of the magazine and CD covers we wanted to have a black and white faded theme going on, which would appear on both the magazine and CD, this made it look as if it’s Concrete Discos trademark. It also went with the band’s name, as the word “concrete” makes it seem very industrial, and the faded theme seems to go well when thinking of their name. We took group and individual photos of the band knowing they would be used as advertising tools for the magazine and CD, for example our magazine cover shows the group together which is typical when looking at other band’s magazine covers. The similarities between the CD and magazine covers show a recurring theme that is used to making audiences aware.  Branding was the key concept behind our music video. Definitions show that making a brand is leaving a noticeable trademark that an audience can recognise easily, whether it is a specific symbol or band lettering. Many bands use recurring features when it comes advertising themselves for example the band “the Libertines” have a personalised font type when the title of their band is featured on media products such as their CDs. Unlike the magazine cover our CD front cover shows each individual member of the band separately, this was incorporated from one of “Blur’s” albums which show each four members of the band in individual sections, like a colage, they are paintings by the artist Julian Opie. This CD is now very iconic and we went for a look that would be iconic. This can be refered to Andrew Goodwin’s theory of iconography. Where in “dancing in the Distraction factory” Goodwin talks of how artists can develop their brand, in and out of their music video, which, over time, becomes part of their star image.

Upon creating our magazine cover, we knew that it would be an advert for the band and their CD alike. Keeping this in mind, we used the black and white design which also features in our CD front and back cover. But we had a few bits of colour added into the magazine cover. Gold star ratings were one of the noticeable images added which shows the ratings other critics had given the CD. We also added a release stamp in bright red which was one the most noticeable features as it stood out upon the black and white cover, this would allow an audience to know when their CD would be available to buy. We looked at many music magazine covers when creating ours, NME was probably the most influential magazine as the covers showed the bands all together and we then decided to do this when producing our cover.



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