Evaluation: Question 3 – Anthony Szymaniak

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Anthony Szymaniak

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When originally planning our video we hadn’t seen the video as being aimed at a specific age group, but soon we thought that it should be aimed at a teenage audience, the audience that is most linked when thinking of dance music. We used demographic targeting to understand who would be interested in the genre of the music video. We looked at many videos to understand how to capture your audience attention. So to really capture our desired audience we had to make a video that could sympathise with. We thought “chavs” and awkward, nerdy teenagers was a stereotype of teenage life that would relate to our audience.   Before filming we designed an animatic of what we wanted our video to look like, this helped with filming as we already had an idea of what shots we wer going to use.

We found that our video and digipack received good feedback and we felt that we had taken into account the preferences of target audiences. Most of the comments we had referred to our editing, mostly of the pace and how it linked well with the pace of music.

“Creates a story that’s believable and what you’d expect to find in a dance, high tempo music video.” this was one comment we received which we found positive as we wanted our audience to be familiar with the conventions of the music genre and to make sure our video followed these conventions. Even though we received positive feedback overall, some audience members suggested that we might need a greater variety of shots and suggested POV was one shot that would make the video more entertaining.

Our audience felt that we had done a good job with our digipak.

“By adding a slight piece of colour, it could create a different effect which complies to their genre.” One phrase that was often said was “it needs more colour” this was said as we went for just black and white colouring as we felt it gave the band an industrial kind of feel and went with their band name, “concrete disco.” But when looking at the feedback we feel that even the slight bit of colour would give the digipack a much better look.

As a group we feel we have met the task set to us by OCR and the music video we have created complements and promotes the band as well as presenting them to an audience as a fast paced, dance music band. We feel that the link between the band and narration sequence was pleasing to an audience and worked well with the music.

What’s unique about our video is that the audience can relate to it from seeing other music videos such Chase and Status’ End Credits, in the fact that it’s set in an estate. But the comical element of having a geeky teenager as the main character of the narration allows the audience to feel more emotionally attached in that they have been able to laugh at it, other music videos struggle to have a funny element. We feel proud that we have been able to achieve this.



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