Evaluation: Question 4 – Anthony Szymaniak

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Anthony Szymaniak

How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?

We used many different websites for our research and planning. Websites such as www.youtube.com and www.myspace.com proved to be the most helpful as they allowed us to view and listen to the band and figure out if they be suitable in our music video. The band have their own myspace and facebook page which were useful when researching their music. Youtube was very useful as it allowed us to look at established music videos and get some ideas for what to put in our video. www.wordpress.com was a blogging site that we used to keep track of our work load and publish all our research. The site itself was pretty simple to use and we found it quick and easy to upload essays, pictures and videos that were relevant to the project.

For our filming a Cannon HD video camera was used, it wasn’t the most hi-tech camera so we knew that we would have to experiment with our shots. We used a variety of angles to add a frantic feel to the video. The camera controls were simple enough which proved useful and we learnt fast so got to filming pretty quickly. As we had such a variety of shots to film the actors often had to repeat the same scene several times so the camera could capture the action from different angles, this proved worthwhile in the end as we had a lot of shots to choose from when it came to the editing. We didn’t have any problems upon filming our chase scene, but the band performance did prove more difficult as there was a lack of light in the location and we had not additional lights to help this.

Editing proved very successful as we were using very sophisticated software which helped the video run smoother and give it a more professional finish. We used Apple’s Final cut pro express which was difficult at first to learn how to use. For example we weren’t sure what each of the editing tools should be used for. We practised our editing techniques by making a pink panther video, where we edited videos to appear in time with the beat of the Pink Panther theme tune. When mastering the techniques we found the Mac computers were a lot more advanced than normal PCs and were useful as the editing overall seemed to be a lot easier.  The footage was split up into seperate timelines this allowed us to access specific scenes with ease. From this we could just trim the videos into the desired positions, allowing us to add certain cuts into the main sequence. A big part of creating a music is to have the video in time with the track. to do this we had to add beat marks throughout the tack to allow us to adjust our sequence to be in time with the music, we felt this was achieved within the finished video.

We used Nikon D40 digital cameras for our band photo shoot, which we found to be very successful as they gave the photos a much more defined finish. So when adding the photos to the magazine and CD cover’s made them look a lot more authentic and believable. We also used photos of the band setting up their equipment to create a stop motion introduction to our music video this made the video seem more exciting and original.

Editing the magazine and CD covers proved very successful when using Adobe CS5 Photoshop as it allowed us to trim our photos and manipulate the backgrounds and designs of the cover. Overall the covers looked professional and the lasso in particular was very helpful was it allowed us to cut out around the pictures so we could add them to a plain background, instead of having the location in the background.Changing the contrast of the picture allowed us to manipulate the black and white colouring and we eventually had the picture mostly in black with a few white patches just to define some of the facial features, this gave it a very retro look, that we felt would potentially make it stand out from other album covers.  


This is the Pink Panther Editing exercise


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