Evaluation – Q2 Lucy Flaherty

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Lucy Flaherty

Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

A brand creates an identity for a product, so as part of a media package branding is important for making sure the products being distributed are recognisable to the target audience. As a group, we have tried to make a consistent link between each of our texts to create a brand image.  Whilst undertaking our CD and magazine advert research, it came apparent that cd cover designs often reflect the personalities of the band and the genre of the music. It was also evident that a continuation of image was used throughout music videos and whatever adverts, covers or any other means of promotion was used to assist the music video, as seen in these examples for ‘Dizzee Rascals’ music.


When referring to the music video, we tried to continue brand image and personification of the band members throughout the editing processes. We tried to use clips that reflected aspects of their personalities, for example, the clip of the main vocalist laughing and the many facial expressions of the drummer and matched them to different sections of the music. These personalities were then portrayed similarly in

the CD cover, by the use of edited images from the video/photo shoot. The combination of the two tasks created an overall memorable and recognisable product for our target audiences.

. We used a black and white effect on the photos taken from the music video shoot and edited them to mimic the recognisable works of Andy Warhol. We thought the black and white effect was a creative choice as it creates an image that can be associated with the band name and consequently makes the products, as a whole, look professional. Although the ancillary tasks black and white colour scheme does not seem to comply with typical media conventions of the genre, we felt the products combined with the satirical chase scene in the video created an overall colourful and exciting product which would appeal to target audiences.  From our audience feedback, the black and white effects on the ancillary tasks were noted as intensifying, which reflected the nature of the chase scene which was exaggerated by fast paced editing and quick cuts. Furthermore we used photos of the band members that give an insight of their personalities and so that the target audience can familiarise with the band. Again we incorporated these photos and the black and white effects on the advert for continuality, authenticity and branding purposes. Moreover, we used the same fonts and colours used for the digipak, so the overall presentation of the products is consistent and recognisable. It was important for us to present an image of the band that could be recognisable and replicable across other products. It is also evident from the magazine poster that we have been influenced by the works of Andy Warhol and from other bands such as ‘Blur’.  Although we have used the ideas of these artists to our creative advantage, we have made our own products look unique and presentable by choosing appropriate colour schemes, formatting, fonts and images so that the overall presentation of our main product and ancillary texts is professional, effective and can be recognised by our target audiences.


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