Evaluation Q4 – Lucy Flaherty

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Lucy Flaherty

4. How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?

For the overall production of our media product, the research and planning I used a variety of internet search engines and resources to look for information and inspiration. Search engines, in particular Google, were used to find out some information on the band, as they were unknown to my media group at the beginning of the coursework process. Once we had gained an insight from the use of search engines to who the band were and the type of music they produced, we could then use more search pacific sites such a YouTube and MySpace to develop our research further. We also used the bands website and MySpace for images and logos that we could use in the first stages of our planning. As our research became more advanced, we used sites such as Google and Wikipedia to provide still images and information that could be used in a number of topical essays that would become part of our planning and development. For these essays, we studied other music videos of particular genres and themes and the Directors websites were also used here for additional analytical understanding and knowledge.  When presenting all of our planning and research on a blog, we used www.wordpress.com. This blog site allowed us to share information and communicate with our teacher at different stages in the planning and development. By using this blog, each member of the group could post their work individually. This website also allows for photos and videos to be embedded in the posts, so that both individual and group work could be formally presented and further explained with photos and screen grabs. However, on occasion, the site would not allow us to post photos from the internet or some images that were saved in our area. To overcome this we saved the images we wanted to use on the blog on the E: Drive. The images were then more easily accessed and uploaded more quickly onto the blog.

Whilst on location filming, we used Cannon digital cameras, a Nikon D40 and a tripod. We found this equipment very easy to use as we had used it for filming last year, so the cameras were very easy to handle. In addition, the tripod was very useful when helping to steady shots or do panning shots. However, the battery did not last long on the Cannon camera, so we had to return to school to charge it. This proved time consuming and extended the filming process. It also caused a problem as it meant our actors had to stay around for longer, which wasn’t the best situation for them. Once the camera was charged we continued filming and managed to finish when we had previously planned. For Editing, we used Apple’s Final Cut Pro Express. This proved quite problematic as we had new Apple Mac computers installed and were used to the editing package used on our previous computers where we had previously practised editing for our ‘pink panther’ task. The new editing package was similar and easy to get used to, so it didn’t cause a major problem when editing the video. Although, there were some saving issues, the package was effective and useful for producing an effective and authentic music video for our music track.

When constructing the Digipak and Magazine advert. We used Adobe Photoshop. At first this was difficult to use as I had never used photoshop before. It took a few practises and development on other pieces of work before I understood how to use the package effectively and correctly.  We had some problems with the layering techniques and moving around text and images. However once I had grasped how to use the programme, it was straightforward then onwards. For The CD cover, we needed almost a grid style format for the images.  I tried to create same sized images for this piece using freehand, but the images were not all the same size, which made the overall look of the cd cover unprofessional. As a response to this, using the Photoshop elements package, I learnt how to create a gridded back ground so I could copy the images over and make them all the same size. It was easy to use the effects tools to create the black and white images seen across our ancillary tasks which proved very useful and contributed to our product as a whole.

In addition to these packages, websites and other technologies, our group decided to use the ‘create your own website’ feature at http://www.wix.com. This site allowed us each to present our evaluation using edited visuals images, videos, links and music. Although the group realised that this would be a more time consuming alternative to using voice recordings to assist our evaluation, we realised that this website was easy to use with limitless ways to present our evaluation in a visually inventive style. The website features tutorials for help, but the elements were very easy to use, especially in contrast to the Photoshop package which proved more difficult. There were lots of templates, icons, animations and text to choose from so that we could all create a unique yet exciting website in which we could present our individual evaluations. Even though this option was more time consuming for the group, it was encouraging that we could make such a site that allowed us to use so many different features to produce an effective and impressive visual item in addition to our blog presentations.



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