Beyonce – Listen.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Laura Carroll
Beyonce – Listen.

‘Listen’ is a 2006 R+B, soul song recorded by American singer Beyoncé. The song was written by Henry Krieger, Scott Cutler, Anne Preven, and Knowles, and produced by The underdogs Matt Sullivan and Randy Spendlove for the soundtrack to the 2006 musical film. “Listen” is one of four compositions written specifically for the Dreamgirls film. In the film, Knowles’ character Deena Jones sings the song to assert independence over her controlling husband. The song is remembered as one of Knowles more heartfelt and emotional ballads.

The relationship between the lyrics and the visuals is clear in this video. The feeling and mood of this track is very emotional and deep and this is made apparent. There is a frequent use of negative words and emotions which help create the mood of the track, facial expressions and visual movements involving eye contact also help create this.

The track carries a slow tempo and this is made apparent by the camera shots and editing. There is certain emphasis on the sounds and big notes in the track by the change of camera shot or angle. The camera move smoothly from shot to shot without too much contrast (only when emphasis is made on particular foregrounding instruments.) The genre of this track transcends from soul to adult contemporary and a bit of R&B. The camera work consists of mainly close-up and medium close-up shots. This is done so that the audience can see the emotion on the lead singers face, this is particularly important in a song which has a genre of soul. Due to the song being written for the 2007 movie Dream Girls, Beyonce appears in costume as Deena, dressed in a 1970s-era gown. Inter-cut into the video are scenes from Dreamgirls, most of which depict Deenas relationship with Curtis. The mise-en-scene allows us as the audience to clearly see the change in character and scene. This inter-cut of camera work makes the video more interesting and gives it added depth and meaning

The narrative and performance of the video is very apparent due to the inter-cut of scenes from Dreamgirls. However, throughout the remains of the video Beyonce conveys emotions and anger by a choreographed dance routine. Beyonce is often thought of when you speak about choreographed dance routines in her music videos, and she didn’t disappoint in this either. There is also lip-sync which makes the video more realistic


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