End Credits – Chase and Status Ft Plan.B

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Laura Carroll
End Credits is a song by dance/electronic production duo from London Chase & Status. The song features English rapper Plan B.
“End Credits” is the theme music track for “Harry Brown“, an upcoming British crime thriller film directed by Daniel Barber and starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Iain Glen, Jack O’Connell and Liam Cunningham. The film also features actor and artist Ben Drew (Plan B).
The song was released through Mercury Records in November 2009.

The song was written for the film and was chase and status biggest hit so far, the song lyrics show us what the concept of the story is, about death and how he is preparing himself for it. Its about someone being close to death and eventually dying.

The music video shows the different gangs and the amount of violence that happens these days. Although the concept of the video is based around the film Harry brown, the older mans best friend has been killed because of a teenage gang and he takes revenge on them, the music video is based around the violent parts of the film.

This music video is a mixture of narrative and performance. It shows PlanB as he sings and performs but also shows the story, there has been some editing done to show the narrative with the performer in there singing at the same time. Also during the video there are times when words are spoken over the song which relate to the video being shown, for example one character walks down a tunnel and as he says ‘hes got a gun’ we hear the sound gun shots going off.

There is an obvious connection between the videos and the lyrics of the song, all the lyrics that are sung are mirrored in the actions being taken in the video for example as he is singing about dying and being at ‘heavens door’ we see a body floating throughout the song higher and higher in the sky.

Plan B is an English Rapper/Singer turned actor from east London, his music is inspired by the crime and decline of morality in the rough parts of London he grew up in, his music helps him to express his views on drugs, rape, murder and underage sex. Plan B’s fans arent just those who share the same lifestyle that he used to have, since his debut he has featured in alternative music magazines and played many festivals , he uses his guitar to give his hip-hop a unique sound, which attracts people of all different musical backgrounds to listen. His music together with his movie roles in films such as Harry Brown, where he plays a cold-blooded gangster from a crime-ridden London estate, makes him one of the most controversial artists of the moment. Chase and status are a dub step/grime/ drum and bass Dj duo who have the ability to cause madness when they perform. Their fan base is very similar to Plan B, with their music appealing to people outside of the urban stereotype and into the alternative music world, also playing festivals such as Reading and Leeds.

The music is this video reaches out to the younger generation of the urban industry although, more musical genres will enjoy listening to it as it collaborates so many styles.


The music video focuses on Plan B and his character Noel during the whole video although whilst we see clips of the film we do see the other characters,

The video is set outside on an abandoned estate, in Walworth, London which was due for demolition.

The location was perfect as the graffiti conveys the rebellion against society, Drum and bass mixed with PlanB’s explicit lyrics is appealing to the youth of urban environments where this music is there escape, just like the graffiti can be an escape. Stereotypically, graffiti lends itself to this genre.

I feel from the lyrics, this song is mainly about regret. The singer is however being positive about his situation, and the intro music feels slightly uplifting, he is full ‘hope’ for better things. Perhaps he has done wrong, maybe pushed someone close away, or hurt them, and regrets his actions, hoping they’ll be there ‘at the end’ of his life, or forgive him? His heart is feeling ‘pain’, showing he feels remorse over whatever he has done.

The mood of the video is very contrasting the song sings of regret and remorse where as the video only shows anger and unhappiness.

I think the video fits perfectly to the time that we are in today it shows all different aspects of urban youth society and with the mix of genre expresses some kind of identity. The controversial lyrics and images work well together and I think this really appeals to the audition because it helps to draw attention to what they do and helps to convey the message they are trying to get through to the audience.

For the first 45 seconds until the music starts the whole video is in slow motion, it then all speeds up as the beat of the song changes and so does the pace of what is going on. At first he is only lying down as he begins to tell the story, as we start to see what is happening the rise in pace of the song mirrors the actions being taken in the video. An example of this is, as it starts to speed up we are given a college of images which are flashed against the screen, after this we see a lot more movement.



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