Laura Carroll – evaluation question 1.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Laura Carroll

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions?

Our task was to plan and make a music video following the conventions in which they are usually structured, this includes; the camera shots, mise-en-scene, the way in which it is edited, lighting, sound, props, etc.  Whilst conforming to these conventions we also tried to incorporate the conventions specifically used in the genre of music these include fast pacing of editing, in a darker scenario whilst trying to portray the personalities of the characters or artists involved.


Whilst planning what to do with our own music videos we researched videos of a similar genre to see what we enjoyed and how they were made successfully, one in particular that influenced our groups ideas was chase and status ft plan b – end credits, this too incorporates the mix of both narrative and performance which is what we wanted to do. The music video end credit’s has a lot of face pace editing and quick cuts which was what we were hoping to achieve in our own video. We were also able to analyse their choice of shots seeing if there were any different ones we too could introduce into our own video. The videos fact cut and mix between narrative and performance almost have disorientated and ddelusional characteristics which I feel are portrayed in our own video.


Because we wanted to use narrative and performance encourparated we need to use represenation correctly, a chase scene has been used in other influencing music videos with artist of a same genre, such as chase and status end credits and dizzee rascal sirens. Within our own music video we tried to follow the connetations and sterotypes that surround the youth, we used very exaggerated ‘chav’ and ‘geek’ looks within our characters. When it came to us personally filming the band ‘concrete disco’ it meant we needed to have everything prepared to be able to get all the shots that we wanted possible, we used a number of different shots and techniques to acheive this. In the music video we needed to get everything to fit with the time of the music in the chase scene and for the performance sequence too, we used handheld shots to make it feel more authentic whilst still trying to keep the same ‘black and white’ concrete feel. Within the digi pak we added logos and barcodes for authenticity, these gave the cd cover a more professional look that people would be able to notice as a serious a real advert for a musical product.

Link to wix production:!


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