Laura Carroll – Evaluation question2.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Laura Carroll

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I believe that the combination of our main product and my ancillary texts have been both effective and successful because they all have a relationship. Each of my media texts are linked together! In both the poster and magazine cover I have used photos of the band keep with the same ‘Andy Warhol’ type theme. This is effective because as an audience, the ancillary texts offer more advertisement of the band, as well as the music video. Unlike the video, and even the poster, a magazine can be re-read/seen, passed through other members of the family and friends. The magazine also offers more information on the band, for example how they met, interviews, or simply pictures of the band. In the society we live in, when we like a media product we tend to want to know all there is about it including the stories, and people involved. For example my magazine poster advertises the characters, shows the ratings from magazines relating to the musical genre, and shows the release dates.

It’s important to recognise the link between each piece of media we have produced as we have tried to keep a consistent theme throughout each of them.  It is significantly key to make sure that the products are distributed to the correct target audience, because a brand creates individuality for a product to keep consumers buying into it. we used the Andy Warhol, but black and white theme consititantly because it related to the bands ‘concrete disco’ name and kept what we was doing coherent, as when you think of the name ‘concrete’ it is a dull and faded image that comes most readily to mind. When deciding how to place the picture we had influence from bands like Blur because they have had a similar theme of the 4 photos of each members of the band in a grid like set up.

When creating our magazine advert we wanted to keep the same theme, the contrast of the black an white features on both the front and the back of the cd covers. We looked at posters from other artists to see how they portrayed their band in the posters and came to the conclusion we would stick with the simple grid like images to keep it recogniseable but with added text around it, when doing this we used colours that would stand out from the original black and white theme, for example a red ‘realised’ stamp was used to attract attention because that is a vital peice of information on the poster.

The initial influence of our poster was the Andy Warhol look that has also been used by by bands such as Blur. We researched many different types of advertising from peoplewithin the same genre, but felt we could keep this look continuing throughout our project.

Link to wix production:!



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