Laura Carroll – evaluation question4.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Laura Carroll

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and education stages?

During the production of our video we used I-macs because it enabled us to use software and programmes that are not available on other computers. Because of this one of the programmes we were then able to use was final cut pro express this programme allowed us to edit and capture all of the footage. We used it in the planning stage to practice certain ideas first before the real thing; it enables us to add effects, such as reversing and editing speed. This also meant that we are able to edit the colour of the footage, because it is user friendly and easy to use.  Whilst using this we also used power point and Microsoft word at different stages of our project for evaluating and analysing texts. And photo shop to put together the digipak this meant we were able to change the colours and textures of each picture to keep the continuity of the Andy Warhol grey theme throughout our whole production as the colours reflected the bands name concrete disco therefor linking everything together.
During the filming we used the camera (Nikon D40) in which we needed to get the focus correct, aswell as the white balance. Along with the camera we used a tripod to enable to catch certain shots we wouldnt be able to holding the camera, for example in the narrative part of our filming we balanced the camera tripod on top of a wall so we could get a shot in birds eye view from above to see what was going on from a higher perspective. We were also able to use the tripod to capture normal shots such as panning and framing shots. Although the batterys didnt last that long on the cannon camera which meant that we had to go back to school to charge the battery and were hanging around until we could film again this then meant that our actors were hanging around too and was very time consuming.
As well as using the cameras to film we used a digital camera in the production of our video to capture images to use in stop motion whilst the band set up we used a camera on a tripod and continuously took pictures, this meant that at the beginning of the film we were able to use them to give a more effective but different aspect to the film.
In addition to using the apple final cut pro express, and photo shop we used other applications such as microsoft, powerpoint, wordle, internet  myspace, and wordpress. Having access to these helped us to design our digi pak before we made it, we used myspace in the very beginning of the project to research the band and were then able to see what they were like, listen to the song and begin to come up with a narrative.

Link to wix production:!


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