Q3 evaluation – ciaran walsh

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Ciaran Walsh

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When choosing a target audience we needed to think about what type of people would be interested in the lively music that concrete disco play. This made us chose a younger target audience without a specific gender to focus on, as we felt the music would interest them. We also thought that this genre of music might not be attractive to all cultures and therefor decided that the UK would be a good place to attract a new audience for the band. We were able to successfully identify an audience for concrete disco by devising a questionnaire for people to fill out. Results came from teenagers around 17 and 18, from a variety of ethnic backgrounds as we believed them to be a suitable ages group that would have an interest in the music. To gain this demographic we did a number of tasks, including another questionnaire and making accounts on findyourtribe.com. In the questionnaire, we asked probing questions that might help us to develop our ideas. The results we gathered led to different thoughts that could be used. Respondents to our questionnaire thought music in this genre would be up beat with some bass and girls, with a performance and a storyline. It was hard to incorporate all of these characteristics without the final production looking chaotic and muddled. Therefor we combined most of the things expected from this genre as possible, this led to our final idea of having a chase scene storyline merged with a performance from the band. The second thing we did (findyourtribe.com) allowed us to see what ‘type’ of people we were, for example, indie, Goth, chav. This links in with our audience research, as we are trying to build up an audience base while at the same time trying to figure out what type of people would be interested in our music video. This knowledge helped us when it came to filming, as we were able to include certain aspects from other music videos that appeal to an audience of our choice and include them throughout the video.

To help us to fully understand the target audience we researched music channels that support similar genres of music. Music channels such as, ‘MTV base’ was a main station we looked at because it focuses on genres such as electronica and dubstep. We also gained advantages from watching these networks, such as the understanding of what audiences want from a music video in this genre.

Looking at our feedback we found that not a lot of people knew a lot about the genre they are in (dirty disco), however they were successful in identifying what might be in a music video of this genre.

There were not many professional videos made directly around this genre of music, but we used other known and successful music video characteristics within our video. This would allow the audience to connect with the video making it more memorable. We used the conventional stereotype of youths in hooded jumpers displaying aggressive behaviour as a narrative combined with the traditional idea of the stars performing their song. This allowed us to keep the audience interested with the narrative while giving the band exposure, as audiences would be able to recognise them in the future. During the narrative the audience are positioned in the position of the boy who gets beaten up. This allows the audience to sympathise with him and feel his emotions, making the video memorable and effective.

To acquire the information needed to allow us to improve and develop our music video, we made a questionnaire and gave it to a potential target audience. The results gave us a good insight into the way the video comes across to an outside crowd, and how they interpreted the message of the video. The questions addressed conventions of the genre, improvements that could be made, appropriateness of props and costumes and how well the visual images are synched with the music. The results showed that the video was liked and accepted as a good video. Improvements could have been made with the quality of shots, ie colour, which would be hard to develop, as we have to work with the equipment available and the limitations it has.

The video would be suited to a big record label for widespread release. It has all the characteristics of a video that has already done this. For example the song and video by Eminem ft. Rihanna Love the way you lie has similarities with our video. It has the stars performing the song while also having a narrative to keep the audience interested. There is evidence to support the idea that our video should be widespread in the audience feedback. One person said ‘it creates a story that’s believable and what you would find in a high tempo video.’ this shows that when they compared our music video to other professional ones they have seen it made sence and entertained them, as done by other videos in this genre of music.



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