Laura Carroll – evaluation question 3

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Laura Carroll

3.  What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the music channel research I did and whilst thinking about the genre of music that concrete disco play, we came up with a list of    appropriate music channels in which we wanted our video to preview on these are; MTV dance, VIVA, DanceNation, Clubland TV and KISS. Of all which are appropriate viewing ages for the audience we were attracting, over the age of 16. We also used a program called find your tribe to see who the appropriate viewing audience would be and that we were going in the right direction.
Before making our own video we looked at videos of other artists in the same genre to see if our demographics were correct, we also used an animatic version of our video so we were able to use this to give an example of what our video would look like. We had 2 versions both with different storylines fitting the genre, and showed it to people within our target audience so they were able to choose which they thought looked better and what fit with our band and the look we were trying to achieve. We wanted to see what the preference of our target audience were because they are the ones who would be watching it, they all thought the idea of the video we originally used fitted best because of the fast paced editing.
From our research we discovered that we were looking at a younger target audience and that older generations would show no interest in listening to this type of music and watching our video. We designed our own fiction target audience of what we thought they would look like and then prepared a questionnaire in which we spoke with people aged 16-18, with the questionnaire we actually used 2 because we didnt feel we received enough information from the first set of results. From the results we established that our audience had agreed with the age in which we had chosen for our music and genre and felt that our own video fit the connotations of a video in the same genre as it has the fast paced editing, with the appropriate kind of characters that fit well too. The audience also fed back their comments on the DigiPak and whether they thought that it worked well and fit with the rest of the media productions we had made, and this was the case people commented on how they liked the look of the Andy Warhol theme throughout and how the colours worked well to fit the bands name. So we found that this was all productive research.
We spoke to the band previously in our research to discover who they thought their target audience was and what sort of people came to watch them at gigs, this was helpful as it was firsthand information that was correct. Once we had completed our tasks we also sent these to the band to get their feedback and see what they thought and if there were any improvements that they thought we could make.

Link to wix production:!


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