About: ToxicFunkBerry

Dom Berditch, Drummer
Joe Berditch, Bass / keyboard, computer
Jonny Wharton, Guitarist / keyboard, computer




Short Term: To play at Sonar festival in Barcelona

Long Term: To take our music around the globe on a World Tour!


Soulwax, 2manyDJs, Prodigy, Roni Size, Aphex Twin, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Michael Jackson, Dizzee Rascal, Justice, and Joe and Dom’s dad (a music teacher) and their mum (a singer.)

Toxic Funk Berry members Jonny and brothers Joe and Dom focus on dance electronic, and say they are all about the live elements of music and are unique with the energy they express onstage. Their ambition has seen them quit previous jobs to travel and tour the country.

Before collaborating, brothers Joe and Dom made music together for two years while Joe was a DJ and Dom was in a different punk band. Jonny met Joe at University and together they performed in a band. It was when all three realised they wanted to make ‘dirty disco dance music’ that they decided to combine their expertise and Toxic Funk Berry was born.

With a good network of support from friends, they performed numerous gigs around London, winning a local unsigned talent competition with a prize to support Beardyman and another competition at the Turning Point Festival – an event organised by teenagers. They were also the opening act at a festival at the Roundhouse in London, performing to an audience of over 800 People.. By Laura Carroll


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