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Feedback from Ian – 01/11/10

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

You are one week behind the other class and this needs to be caught up this week by 08/11/10.

See if you are stuck or need more details

1. Laura & Ciaran  (2 essay to up + images by weds) + Lucy up 1 with images

2.Copyright task  + set up meeting (Lucy to up emails from band)

3. Editing exercise ( to upload to Youtube and embed- ALL)

3. 2-3 videos to analyse for technique (Laura and ciaran)

4. Questionaire A4 Statement (Laura)

5. Music Channel research to finish (Laura)

6. Findyourtribe task (all to do)

7. Location and costume photos (ALL)

8. Magazine & CD Cover (All to do)



Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Your blog should have by now :


  1. Individual – two research essays which should be illustrated with screen grabs and should have the video embedded from Youtube. (Individual)
  2. Meetings – there should be 5-6 entries on group meetings by now. (group)
  3. Song – You will need to add in information about copyright clearance.  Any correspondence with the artist and information about ‘creative commons’ licensing.  (explanation and screen grabs needed)  Also song should be uploaded to by now. (group)
  4. Artist background information with photos. (group)
  5. Pink panther editing exercise along with a description of what tools you used to edit with. (individual/pairs)
  6. Pick 2-3 videos that inspire you and embed them into blog.  Write 3-4 lines about aspects that could feed into your video. (individual)